> Press The Buttons at E3 2008

Press The Buttons's MattG was at E3 2008 in Los Angeles and posted new photos whenever he had the chance.

Wii Music Again
Enough with the Wii Music already!
Sleeping with the Wii Music on
Much More Wii Music
Garden of Wii Music
Take A Bow
Wrapping Up
The End
We've Still Got Grand Theft Auto
Lots of titles
Back on Track
Empty Spaces
Register A Name
Miserable Little Pile Of Secrets
Empty Spaces 2
Showcase Pavilion
Showcase Pavilion 2
Wii Sports Resort at the Showcase Pavilion
Not quite Wave Race, but close
Konami Korner
The Ghost of E3
Rock Band Bash
Rock Band Bash 2
Rock Band Bash 3
Rock Band Bash 4
Rock Band Bash 5
Rock Band Bash 6
Rock Band Bash 7
Special Guest Incoming
The Who!
The Who! 2
The Who! 3
Rock Band Bash 8
MattG at EA
More Showcase Pavilion
Still the Showcase Pavilion
THQ and Beyond
See Ya!
Why So Serious?
Let's put a smile on that face.
Enough already
Truly The End