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Princess Peach's Regrettable Cake Comes To Life

Princess Peach's terrible cakeMy wife has a knack for baking special birthday cakes.  In the years we've been together she's made me a Triforce cake, a Kirby cake, a Borderlands vault symbol cake, and a special cake for Homer Simpson to ruin on Maggaggie's birthday.  This year she outdid herself though.  Taking inspiration from @giganticbuddha's famous comic about Princess Peach telling Mario not to come to the castle, my wife baked a real life version of the princess's terrible cake.  This is about as in-jokey as it gets because anyone who didn't play Super Mario 64 will be lost as to why this is funny.  When I sent photos of the cake to non-gaming friends to show it off, I had to include the comic and the original screenshot from 64 of the princess's letter inviting Mario to the castle for cake.  There's layers to this joke is what I'm saying, just like there's layers to this cake.  Thanks to my wife for another amazing cake!

Super Mario 64 cake letter
Original screenshot from Super Mario 64

Terrible cake comic

Terrible cake comic
@giganticbuddha's comic
Princess Peach's terrible cake made real
My wife's terrible Peach cake made real