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Live Service Multiplayer Spider-Man Trailer Revealed

Spider-Man: The Great WebDeveloper Insomniac Games suffered a data breach last year that exposed much of the company's upcoming plans and scrapped ideas, one of which was the existence of a live service multiplayer Spider-Man game for the Sony PlayStation 5 in which five players each take on a character from the Spider-verse such as Venom, Silk, or Spider-Gwen to bash the Sinister Six.  The project, entitled Spider-Man: The Great Web, was cancelled, but today a trailer for the game was posted online.  There's discussion on ResetEra as to whether this is a proper announcement trailer meant to be seen by the public or some sort of internal pitch trailer aimed at getting the project a greenlight, but either way I have to admit I'm glad this game isn't happening.

After the costly failures of games such as The Avengers, Gotham Knights, and Suicide Squad, the last thing we need is another live service superhero game tying up resources that could be spent on traditional single-player releases.  There are only so many hours in a day that can be spent on playing games, and the glut of live service titles have saturated the market.  Not everything can be Fortnite.  Not every game needs a battle pass.  There just isn't room for anything more and it's presumptuous to assume that this would be the game to break through.  Spider-Man is popular, sure, but so are The Avengers and look what happened to them.