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Rare Classics Come To Nintendo Switch

Rare classics for NSONintendo released a batch of unexpected classic video games from developer Rare this morning for the suite of Nintendo Switch Online apps in North America.  Subscribers can now enjoy Snake, Rattle, & Roll and R.C. Pro-Am for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Killer Instinct and Battletoads in Battlemaniacs for the Super NES, and the underrated Blast Corps for the Nintendo 64.  This is the first time many of these games have been re-released at all.  I'm happy to see them back, particularly Blast Corps which I sank a lot of time into back in the late 1990s but could never fully unlock everything.  Looks like it's time to get moving.  My wife, on the other hand, is excited for Snake, as it was one of her favorite games from her childhood.  She even has a framed in-box copy hanging on her game room wall!  I know she'll appreciate being able to play it without having to open up the frame.