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PowerWash Simulator - Back To The FutureI wouldn't have expected to enjoy PowerWash Simulator as much as I do, but it's become one of my favorite games of this generation because it's just so relaxing.  I turn on a podcast or an audiobook and wash the hours away with mindless fake accomplishment.  Sure, I could go outside and wash my real fence, but I'm much too sick for that anymore, and my recliner is a lot more comfortable and dry.  There's a new expansion coming to PowerWash that I think I may have willed into existence somehow, as on November 16, 2023 the Back To The Future DLC will release, allowing players to clean up iconic Hill Valley locations such as the famous courthouse where lightning struck the clock tower in 1955 and the holomax theater showing Jaws 19 in 2015 plus vehicles such as the DeLorean, the time train, and Doc's van.  New achievements/trophies are part of this pack, too. 

Publisher Square-Enix has an information page about the DLC, but fitting for a time travel expansion, the page says the DLC is available now when it's not yet released.  Incidentally, in what I'm certain is not a coincidence, November 16, 1955 is the date that Marty drove the DeLorean to 1885 to rescue Doc from being shot in the back by Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen in Back To The Future Part III.  Nice bit of timing on that release date.