Power Button - Episode 364: Duplicates And Dragons In The Legend of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom
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Power Button - Episode 365: Forty For Famicom

Power ButtonWe're celebrating the fortieth anniversary of Nintendo's Family Computer in a big way on the podcast this week with a supersized discussion about the history of the console, its unique accessories, special games, and fun facts.  Don't you dare say it's the fortieth anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System!  We're not doing that episode until 2025. Also, there's more to say about Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality from last week.  Download this week's episode directly from PTB, listen with the player below, subscribe via iTunes, Amazon Music Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, toss this RSS feed into your podcast aggregation software of choice, and be sure to catch up on past episodes if you're joining us late. Remember that you can reach us via , you can leave a message on the Power Button hotline by calling (720) 722-2781, and you can even follow us on Twitter at @PressTheButtons and @GrundyTheMan, or for just podcast updates, @ThePowerButton. We also have a tip jar if you'd like to kick a dollar or two of support our way.