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Mystery PS5 GameDeveloper Naughty Dog considers the Uncharted series to be over, but that's not stopping eagle-eyed fans from spotting what they think is a new Uncharted sequel in a recent Sony PlayStation 5 advertisement.  The ad features looks at a number of previously announced games and includes one that nobody recognizes.  Ethan Gach at Kotaku has the round-up.

In between vignettes for announced games like Spider-Man 2 is a brief clip of a woman carrying a torch through a cave, and fans think it might be pointing to a new Uncharted game starring Nathan Drake’s daughter, Cassie.

A post over at the PlayStation Blog even says that the new PS5 ad “hints at the breadth of extraordinary experiences” available on the console, and goes out of its way to dare players to see if they can “spot all the game references.” The woman in the cave, who at one point can be seen blowing dust off a mysterious artifact, appears to be the only part of the commercial that doesn’t correspond to a currently announced or released PlayStation exclusive.

With Uncharted recently becoming a successful film after years in development hell (and with a sequel on the way), there's definite money left on the table if everyone involved is truly finished with the series.  Naughty Dog is focused on their darling The Last of Us (a game so beloved by the studio that they've made the first game in the series three times already), but who's to say that Sony wouldn't hand the Drake keys to another proven studio?  I'm absolutely interested in more Uncharted, so I say bring it on.

By the way, the Kotaku article's URL is https://kotaku.com/uncharted-5-cassie-drake-naughty-dog-ps5-release-date-1850049001 which crams so much search engine optimization clickbait into itself (this game may not be Uncharted 5, it may not star Cassie Drake, it may not be made by Naughty Dog, and there's certainly no release date for it) that if they managed to work "free download" and "naked" into the link, Google would never need to refer anyone to any other web page ever again.  We're all desperate for traffic here, but let's be better than that.