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Mario ChristmasCheck out this vintage piece of Nintendo merchandise from my collection.  I've held on to this Mario Christmas decoration over the years; it hung on my childhood game room door each December when I was a kid and as a teen, and now it hangs on my game room door of my adult home.  Dating back to 1989, this decoration sports the Super Mario Bros. 2 style of character artwork with the classic red overalls and blue shirt for Mario instead of today's modern color swap.  The pop-out tree was originally held in place with a small plastic clip that has gone missing since last year, so now a twist tie does the job.  It's also a little banged up from over thirty years of use and storage, but there's no way I would part with it.  I love the artwork on this decoration.  While I still love Super Mario games and the modern incarnation of the franchise, this version of the character was my Mario and always reminds me of those comforting holiday memories from when my biggest concern was wishing that I'd find a Super NES and Super Mario World under the tree.

Mario Christmas