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Conan O'Brien Revives Clueless Gamer

Clueless GamerConan O'Brien is back to being comedically inept at today's popular video games in his revived Clueless Gamer sketch in which he plays video games badly and riffs on what he experiences.  The sketch was a recurring element on his TBS talk show, Conan, but faded away some years ago even before that program ended.  Now it's back where it's always thrived, as paid promotional content on YouTube.  On this installment, Conan tries Deathloop, Powerwash Simulator, and A Plague Tale: Requieum.  I always enjoyed the segment even though it's blatantly paid advertising, and Conan's just so darn charming that the conceit of the bit works.  Clueless Gamer came to rely heavily on celebrity guest stars in its later years, but this revival features just Conan and his poor put-upon gaming consultant, Aaron Bleyaert, which I always felt was the best incarnation of it.  I'm glad to see it back and hope there's more to come in the future.