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Shadow The Hedgehog Gets Reloaded

Shadow the HedgehogSega's 2005 release Shadow the Hedgehog for the Nintendo GameCube and its competing consoles took some bold chances with the Sonic the Hedgehog formula that were watered down to pass kid-friendly muster.  Guns and grittiness were the order of the day back then, so Sonic Team armed Shadow with weapons  and equipped him with vehicles for an adventure that ended up serving too many masters and pleasing nobody.  Sure, let's make a dark Sonic game that's rated E10+ with profanity for the sake of profanity that's censored anyway.   Add in some technical issues depending on which console you played it on, and the result is one of those "can you believe this?" footnotes in Sonic history.  Nevertheless, there's a decent game hiding in Shadow the Hedgehog somewhere, and now modders going by the name dreamsyntax and LimblessVector has released a fan-made quality of life update for the game they call Shadow the Hedgehog Reloaded that smooths out the controls, tweaks the level progression ladder, and adjusts the speed of the sluggish vehicles among other changes.  It's great to see games like Shadow get a second chance if only in the fan community.