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A Boy And His Cancelled Blob Resurface

A Boy and His BlobAfter reading Dylan Mansfield's complete history of Majesco's 2005 attempt to revive the A Boy and His Blob franchise for the Nintendo DS, I can only say "I'm sorry I wasted my time."  I was excited about this!  I didn't know better.  Back at E3 2005 I did my best to find a playable demo of the game and was unsuccessful at every turn, and knowing what I know about the project now, I wish I'd put my time on the show floor to better use.  The Majesco representative at their booth even denied they were working on the game.  At the time I chalked it up to industry secrecy, but now that I've seen how the game was shaping up at the time, perhaps the rep was just embarrassed by it.  We definitely dodged a bullet on this one from the ugly character design to the uninspired used of jellybean power-ups to control Blob to the repetitive levels in which the Boy kills human enemies, completely betraying the pacifist themes of the original games.  I'm so glad that when Majesco tried again in 2009, they went with Wayforward's must more beloved take on the franchise.  Anyways, go read the article over at Gaming Alexandria to learn how it almost went so wrong (twice over if you count the axed Game Boy Advance version).  You can even download the unfinished game to try if you want to be personally disappointed.