Game & Watch Strikes Back
Power Button - Episode 333: Metroid Memories

Special Appearance By... Samus Aran

Super Mario RPGWhile Nintendo's Metroid series has taken several years-long breaks over the years while other franchises like Super Mario appear annually in some form, the heroic Samus Aran has popped up in other places where you wouldn't really expect her while her own series is on hiatus.  From puzzle games to racing games to pinball games, she's turned up to give players a smile.  The Metroid Database has chronicled these cameos from 1987-2016 across multiple consoles and even into some third-party games where she and her enemies really shouldn't belong without permission.  Most fans remember her playable appearance in Galactic Pinball for the Virtual Boy, but my favorite cameo has to be Super Mario RPG.  Backtrack to the Mushroom Kingdom at a specific point in the story and you'll find Samus in bed at the castle where she says she's resting up for Mother Brain.  She's gone soon after.  Wherever she went this time, I hope she was successful.