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Mini-Review: Fixture S1

Fixture S1I play my Nintendo Switch mostly in bed these days as I wind down with a little Super Mario or Mega Man before falling asleep.  The only real drawback to playing Switch in handheld mode are those tiny Joy-con buttons that, while functional, aren't exactly comfortable for an adult's hands.  I'd much rather play with my Pro Controller with its comfortably sized controls, but that's not really feasible when laying down and holding the Switch itself.  Thankfully, there's a mounting clip for Switch out there that I've been enjoying for the past few weeks that snaps on to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and holds a Joy-conless Switch in place much like the popular smartphone mounting clips used for mobile gaming and streaming services such as PlayStation's Remote Play and Microsoft's Game Pass.  It's the Fixture S1 and it's changed how I play Switch in handheld mode.

The clip is easy enough to install as it fits around the Pro Controller and snaps into place.  Remove the Joy-cons from the Switch and then slide the remaining device into the S1's grooves.  Adjust the viewing angle until it's comfortable to hold the controller and see the screen.  There; installed!  I've had to remove the Switch from the mount to recharge it back in its dock, and it slides in and out of the mount without hesitation or causing any damage.  The Fixture S1 is another in a long line of plastic video gaming accessories, but it's a must-own for handheld Switch players who tire of the Joy-cons and their small buttons.  Consider it recommended.

A Fixture S1 and carrying case were provided for review.