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Metroid Dread Revealed After Fifteen Years

Metroid DreadNintendo announced a new 2D platformer Metroid game earlier today and for those of us who have been around a while, the title of the game, Metroid Dread, set off a few bells.  Metroid Dread was first rumored back in 2005 when it supposedly appeared on a Nintendo release list just prior to E3.  I never saw that list posted from an official Nintendo source, so I was doubtful that it was truly a real project, but the game hung around in the mythos for a while as fans wondered what it could be.  Then Dread was supposedly cancelled, but popped up again in a cheeky reference in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption in 2007.  Now in 2021 we have Metroid Dread officially revealed.  Is this new Nintendo Switch game the same project that has been kicking around Nintendo's studios for the past decade and a half, or is it a new project that just inherited the notorious name?  Thankfully, Metroid director Yoshio Sakamoto appeared in a Nintendo Treehouse video to explain where Dread has been all of this time, why it was cancelled (twice!), and why it's been revived now.  At last, closure!  Sweet, sweet closure!