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New Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors Solidify

Nintendo SwitchIt feels like we've been talking about an upgraded Nintendo Switch Pro model for almost as many years as we've talked about the existing Switch, so when rumors about a more powerful version of the console start to circulate, I usually disregard them.  When Bloomberg is the source though, I tend to pay a bit more attention.  Today's report is that Nintendo is working on a new Switch model destined for release later this year that will display 4K visuals when docked to the television and sport a larger screen (but not 4K) when played in handheld mode. 

The new Switch iteration will support Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS, a novel rendering technology that uses artificial intelligence to deliver higher-fidelity graphics more efficiently. That will allow the console, which is also set for an OLED display upgrade, to reproduce game visuals at 4K quality when plugged into a TV, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plan is not public.

The U.S. company’s new chipset will also bring a better CPU and increased memory. DLSS support will require new code to be added to games, so it’ll primarily be used to improve graphics on upcoming titles, said the people, including multiple game developers. Bloomberg News previously reported that the new Switch is likely to include a 7-inch OLED screen from Samsung Display Co. and couple the console’s release with a bounty of new games.

Nvidia and Nintendo representatives declined to comment.

I have absolutely no doubt that Nintendo is working on a Switch upgrade and the only real question is when to release it.  The company feels that the existing Switch is halfway through its life-cycle which is about the time that, in the past, we've seen updated hardware such as the New Nintendo 3DS overtaking the basic 3DS.  That said, I can't believe that the only new thing a Switch Pro would have to offer is 4K.  Nintendo hasn't chased graphical parity with the competition in years now because it's not the secret of their success.  I have to believe that a new Switch model would bring something else to the table in terms of user experience or gameplay yet remains backward compatible with the existing Switch.  If all it does is add 4K, I can't see myself buying one because I'm still getting the most out of my 1080p television (which, yes, is due for an upgrade, but I have issues tossing out working hardware so long as its working) and I mostly play my Switch as a handheld.  On the other hand, if a new Switch does something exclusive that would require me to get one to play the next Super Mario or Legend of Zelda game, then of course I would have to buy it.