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Season Pass 2 Announced For Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Season Pass 2My fiancée Corey and I love Borderlands so much that we're themeing much of our wedding decorations around it, so while we haven't had hardly any time to play over the past few months due to wedding preparations, we're happy to see this morning that 2K Games has announced a second Season Pass is coming for new downloadable expansions to Borderlands 3.  Here's what's coming, although no specifics as to what these expansions are all about are available yet.

Get ready to make all kinds of mayhem with Borderlands 3's new Season Pass 2, which will feature two more add-ons unlike anything we've done before. This new season will include the Designer's Cut and Director's Cut DLCs, which each offer new modes and ways to play. A copy of Borderlands 3 is required to play the content in Season Pass 2, which will be available for purchase on November 10 starting with the Designer's Cut. The second half of Season Pass 2, Director's Cut, is planned to release in Spring 2021; we'll have more details to share closer to launch.  In the Designer's Cut, launching on November 10 for all platforms, you’ll get an additional Skill Tree for each Vault Hunter and a brand-new game mode called Arms Race.

We're way behind on Borderlands 3 DLC.  I haven't even finished the main campaign yet (Corey has, of course) and we've only dug into the first two of four expansions in the first Season Pass.  I need to be in the right mood to play a shooter or else I get frustrated with it.  It's not something I can pick up at any time like a platformer.  With the free upgrade to the Sony PlayStation 5 version of the game coming next month and the wedding behind us by then, it'll be a good time to get back into it.