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A Dangerous Darkwing Duck Musical Medley

Darkwing DuckSince the first video games to feature music were created, fans have tried to take those simple composition and tap them out on a piano or strum them out on a guitar.  Over the years, the fan community has continued to advance, taking increasingly complex melodies and turning them into impressive new creations.  If your game includes Super Mario or Mega Man in the title, then there's no shortage of people who can perform your tunes.  The familiar strains of World 1-1 or Air Man's theme are a bit overdone these days, but deeper cut games deserve to have their moment in the sportlight too.  Consider Capcom's 1992 release for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Darkwing Duck.  It's rare that you hear of a fan who can perform the music from that game, but today is your lucky day as LloydTheHammer has published a YouTube video of his take on a medley of the game's entire soundtrack.  From Quackerjack's bridge theme to Megavolt's wharf music to Bushroot's forest jam, it's all here and waiting for you to get dangerous.