Power Button - Episode 309: Not-E3 2020 Roundup
Street Fighter Begins

The Cats Of Borderlands

Emma mouth siren

My fiancee and I love Borderlands, we love artwork, and we love our cats, so of course we found a way to combine them all.  Thanks to @Natashagalyaart we have commissioned artwork of two of our cats in Borderlands settings.  First we have Moxxi the cat styled after her namesake, Moxxi the bartender.  We even have a little Moxxi costume for her to wear for special events.  Our local GameStop invited us to bring her to their Borderlands 3 release event last year and she was very popular.  Next there's the loudest cat in the clowder, Emma, who we refer to as a Mouth Siren thanks to her emergency siren-like volume.  She's drawn as an actual Siren, cribbing Amara's summoned extra limbs for her tail.

This is turning into an entire series of artwork of our cats crossed with Borderlands, as last week we adopted a little cat just out of kittenhood that we've named Tiny Tina Athena (merging the names of two Borderlands characters), so it's a safe bet we will commission art of her as her namesakes.  Reach out to the artist if you'd like art of your pet as a video game character.  She does wonderful work!

Moxxi art

Moxxi hat