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Train Your Amiibo Right With Figure Fight


Now you too can learn the secrets of the great amiibo fighting champions of the world and become a renowned figurine coach as you train your plastic buddies for ultimate domination in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!  Or, at least, you'll learn what makes an amiibo fighter tick and discover the most efficient ways to turn them into little smashers.  Yes, I'm talking about John Harris's new book Figure Fight which is currently available as part of the latest Story Bundle.  You'll learn what amiibo are doing when they're training to fight and what happens to them when they go on a journey across the Internet to battle against other amiibo.  How do they learn?  Can you influence that learning?  How can you smooth over any bad habits they pick up along the way?  There's plenty to explore and learn here.

Buried in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a curious little subgame where you can take AIs housed in amiibo toys and bring them forth to great and violent life within its fighting game universe, with you put in the role of their trainer. What's more, you can take these uppity little trinkets online and pit them against the belligerent knickknacks of other players. The author has been obsessed with this bizarre yet entertaining mode for months. Smash Ultimate's amiibo support still holds many mysteries, but here he reveals to you what strategy and secrets he could suss out of this thoroughly ridiculous mode.

I had the privilege to read an advance copy of the book and was impressed with the attention to detail and Harris's persistence in tracing what amiibo are really doing behind Nintendo's glitzy presentation on screen.  There's such a tiny amount of writable data space in each amiibo that it's outrageous to me how it's used to contain so much information used for Smash Bros.  This book taught me things about how Smash uses amiibo under the hood that I had absolutely no idea was happening. If you want to raise a top tier amiibo, this must be your first read.  And yes, those are my amiibo on display on my gaming room wall in the photo above.