E3 2020 Cancelled Due To Coronavirus
Power Button - Episode 301: Remain Indoors

Video Games React To COVID-19

Street Fighter IIOut here in the real world people across the planet are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic as the coronavirus has us all practicing social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine, and/or working from home depending on your circumstances.  Traditionally packed highways are nearly empty, people are starting to lose their jobs as business close for an indefinite shutdown, and we're all left to stay at home and avoid public spaces and gatherings so as not to contract the illness.  These are uncertain and perilous times.  You'd think you could escape into a video game for a while and leave it all behind, but our favorite gaming properties are dealing with the virus just as we are.  The World Warrior tournament has been postponed, the shopkeeping moblin has to limit the sales of toilet paper, and Slippy Toad can't believe how empty the roads are now.  I've had some fun on Twitter lately posting these mock-ups of characters reacting to the virus.  It's a little bit of levity in this serious atmosphere and, for me, joking about aspects of our current reality helps me keep the anxiety and fear under control.  Try making your own.  It's fun!


The Legend of Zelda
It's dangerous to come any closer! (The Legend of Zelda)
Street Fighter II
M. Bison reschedules. (Street Fighter II)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Dracula has been telecommuting for centuries. (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
The Legend of Zelda
Gotta stock up on essentials! (The Legend of Zelda)
The Cheetahmen
Staying away from these guys is good advice anytime. (The Cheetahmen)
Star Fox
The highways are empty. (Star Fox)