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Borderlands Coming To Nintendo Switch

BorderlandsThe Borderlands series has done very well for itself in the past decade, but surprisingly it hasn't come to a Nintendo platform until today's announcement of the Borderlands Legendary Collection which bundles the modern console remasters of Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with all included expansions (minus Commander Lilith and the Fight For Sanctuary) and new optional motion controls. The physical game card version of the set will require a hefty download, too.  It's coming in May 2020 for $49.99 along with a bunch of other Switch releases of existing 2K Games titles including BioShock and XCOM, but my fiancee and I are all about the Borderlands.

It's a shame that it took this long for the series to arrive on a Nintendo platform.  I can imagine under difference circumstances that there would have been a Borderlands spin-off game for the Nintendo 3DS that reworked the action into a 2D action sidescroller with 3D rendered visuals like just about every other platformer on that system.  The worlds would have been smaller, the storyline created as an "also this happened" tale that spins around the stories from the other games in the series (and in the end it may not even really be canon), and so forth.  Following on from the precedents set by these kinds of games, it practically designs itself.  Of course, on Switch the Borderlands franchise is free to be portable for the first time in a way that really matters.  We don't talk about Borderlands 2 for the PlayStation Vita, no...