2009's Ghostbusters Video Game May Be Coming Around Again
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Ghostbusters Coming To Planet Coaster

Ghostbusters X Planet CoasterGhostbusters seems to be poised for another resurgence as a new film is in production, the 2009 video game is rumored for a current console generation re-release, and Dan Aykroyd has written a prequel script featuring the Ghostbusters characters in high school.  Now comes word that the amusement park simulation title Planet Coaster is crossing the streams with the supernatural spectacular featuring Aykroyd reprising his role as Ray Stantz who will mentor players throughout the campaign and William Atherton returning as Environmental Protection Agency antagonist Dickless Walter Peck.  New rides and other surprises await in this crossover add-on.

Ghostbusters fans will be steeped in nostalgia as other fan-favourite ghosts and characters make appearances as the story progresses, including Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and even the legendary ECTO-1 car. A new in-game interactive dark ride, The Ghostbusters Experience, allows Planet Coaster players to engage with the game in a whole new way as they take on the role of a Ghostbuster to bust ghosts with their particle throwers and log their high score.   

I've never played Planet Coaster, but if there's ever a reason for me to check it out, it would have to be this expansion.  The reveal trailer shows off just enough to pique interest.  No release date has been announced just yet.