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Video Games Live Covers EarthBound

EarthboundWhen you weren't paying attention late last year, Video Games Live released a new album, Level 6, that covers a variety of songs from games such as Tomb Raider, classic arcade titles, Pokemon, Final Fantasy X, and lots of other fan favorites, but if you want a track off the album that will give you chills, then you'll have to turn to the medley of songs from Nintendo's classic EarthBound.  Featuring a rousing start with Onett's theme before segueing into "Smiles and Tears" with an operatic element then beyond, this track is going places.  First you'll smile, then you'll get a little misty-eyed.  I mean, "Smiles and Tears" does kind of warn you that will happen.  "Local survey shows most popular career among kids in Onett is adventurer."