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It's A Claptrap Kind Of Christmas


As my girlfriend and I worked out our holiday decorating plans for the season, we had plenty of our favorite video gaming and sci-fi franchises represented, but one key ingredient was missing.  Due to what I'm assuming is a careless oversight at Gearbox Software, there are no Borderlands ornaments for Christmas.  We have Super Mario and Star Trek on our Christmas tree, but the theme just isn't complete without a little taste of Pandora.  Luckily we came up with a solution. 

It all started several weeks ago when we were out shopping for decorations.  Earlier in the year we rented a house together, and this is our first holiday season in our new home, so we need new decorations to fill it.  We were browsing the aisles at a holiday home store when I saw stocking holders with gift boxes mounted on top.  The interesting thing about the little gift box was that the sides of the package were sloped inward slightly, giving it a very familiar shape.  "Hon," I said to her, "Doesn't this look like of like Claptrap?", and that's when the idea first took shape.  I'm in love with a creative genius.  She took those gift boxes and using paint, glitter, and some custom-built props, transformed them into little Claptraps straight out of the Hyperion factory.  Now we have a little bit of Borderlands in our holiday season.  Happy Mercenary Day, travelers!