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Reload Your N64 Controller In Goldeneye 007 And Other Stories

Goldeneye 007Rare's Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 is one of the all-time great games for the console, so it's only fitting on its twenty-first anniversary that there should be an oral history about the making the game compiled and published.  Quinn Myers does the honors for MEL Magazine and captures comments and stories from the game's developers in which they discuss ideas that didn't make the final version, features that the lawyers made them remove, the last-minute addition of the famous multiplayer mode, and much more.  What especially made me smile was this cut feature:

[David] Doak: Another idea we had that was never really serious: What happened was that all the N64 controllers had that slot in them, and everyone’s always wanting there to be some reason for some arbitrary piece of hardware. So it was like, “Can you use this in GoldenEye?” All of our reference for guns was watching [movies], so someone said, “Well, what if you slam in the thing to reload,” because it could detect when it was plugged in. But when we trialed the reload, it was rubbish, so we didn’t do it, and it actually became a big joke.

I never owned a Goldeneye 007 of my own, but I rented it from Blockbuster by default when there wasn't another game I wanted to play, so I spent a lot of weekends playing the game with friends or just on my own.  Since the game supported the Rumble Pak, it became a gag to snap the pak into the controller slot like loading a gun before starting the game.  I'm pleased to see that the developers had the same idea!  It's better that they didn't implement it though.  It's fun to do once before the game starts, but having to do it over and over again during the action would become tedious and annoying almost immediately.

For the record, we played almost exclusively in the Facility with motion sensor explosives.