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Borderlands' Handsome Jack Says Ain't No Rest For The Washer

Handsome JackAs I mentioned on a recent podcast episode, my girlfriend and I have rented a house and moved in together.  We're still unpacking and finding the best ways to make use of the space, and something we hit on right away was the need for one of those magnets that can be flipped around to indicate whether the dishwasher is clean or dirty.  We're decorating the house in gaming art and memorabilia, so we wanted something along that theme in a dishwasher magnet.  We looked online and found lots of options that are cookie-cutter merchandise; magnets like stock art of Yoda saying "Dirty, these dishes are" or an old promotional photo of Captain Picard ordering "Make it clean".  We're not talking about inspired ideas here.

We wanted something better, something that spoke more to us.  Early in our relationship we bonded over Borderlands and we have some Vault Hunter art hung around the house, so right away I hit on the idea of a Borderlands dishwasher magnet.  Gearbox Software and 2K Games haven't created such a thing yet, so one idea led to another and before I knew it, she had created a Handsome Jack magnet for the dishwasher with his handsome mask side up for clean dishes and his scarred face for dirty.  It's just one of the personal touches we're adding around here that makes us smile.

Handsome Jack magnet