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Third Time's The Charm For Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule WarriorsVideo game fans talk a lot about remasters and definitive editions these days, but for every Burnout Paradise and Spyro Reignited Trilogy, there are other games that have been updated and expanded several times quietly under the radar.  One of those games, Hyrule Warriors, started out as an enjoyable "Dynasty Warriors but Zelda" adventure for the Nintendo Wii U before being ported to the New Nintendo 3DS with additional content in an attempt to get the game in front of an audience sizable enough to check it out.  Now the game is coming back around for a third time as an even larger Nintendo Switch edition.  With two earlier versions under its belt, how much larger is the new iteration?  If you played the Wii U version but skipped the 3DS update, how much new content can you expect?  And if you devoured the 3DS version, is the Switch version worth your time?  Thankfully, Reddit's Thopterthallid has done the homework for you and has written a guide to explain how the new content impacts players of both previous versions.  Here's a taste:

How much more content are you getting overall?

For the 3DS version: Some, but not a ton. Especially if you already bought all the HW:L DLC. The main selling point here is going to be the multiplayer, and better performance. There are a couple small modes you missed out on, but more on that shortly.

For the Wii U version: A lot. It nearly doubles the size of the story mode, and offers a lot of DLC characters and adventure maps you might have missed out on.

It's quite an exhaustive guide covering new characters, weapons, modes, maps, items, and much more.  If you're not sure if you ought to double or triple dip on the new Switch version of Hyrule Warriors, this would be the way to line up all the content and see if you're interested.  As for me, I loved the original Wii U release and found it to be absolutely crammed full of content.  I rented the 3DS version and felt overwhelmed with all of the additional material to unlock and play, so if that version felt like too much, I can't imagine I'd be able to put the time or energy into playing through even more game on the Switch.  It's just too daunting a task at this point in my life.  If you've never played it in a prior incarnation though, it's definitely worth a look.