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Street Fighter TV Show In Development

Street Fighter IIThis is early news, but the idea is exciting.  A Street Fighter television series is in the works from the team behind the web series Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist.  There's no network, no completed script, or anything like that yet (just the business deal), but there's potential here.  Deadline Hollywood has the news.

Street Fighter the series will draw on the game’s World Warrior story-arc — introduced in the 1991 Street Fighter II: The World Warrior sequel to the original game — as the jumping off point, centering on four protagonists: Ryu, Ken, Guile and Chun-Li. Together, they fight to take down M. Bison, the evil mastermind who runs Shadaloo, a global criminal organization. Though on different journeys, our heroes’ paths will cross as they are drawn into the World Warrior Tournament, a competition devised by M. Bison to find the most powerful and capable fighter in the world. On the journey they come to share, they must draw on their strength, skills, intelligence and loyalty in a battle to survive and emerge as the World Warrior.

Street Fighter has enough characters and just enough lore to make a TV series worthwhile and it gives everyone involved a chance to actually tell the franchise's story in chronological order (none of this sequel, prequel, sequel, interquel, sequel to the interquel nonsense, please).  With the right casting and a slow pace at introducing new characters, I could see this show running for several seasons provided the plot starts out slowly and gives audiences a chance to understand the interpersonal relationships.  Starting out with the premise of a world tournament and then immediately jumping into the madness of Cammy being M. Bison's clone/next body and whatever the hell Seth was trying to accomplish in Street Fighter IV would be too much for those not up on their lore.  Take it slow and do it right.