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Health Update: Attack Of The Pancreas

Dr. MarioWhenever I vanish for a prolonged period, you can be sure that a new episode of failing health is behind it.  This time around I'm dealing with an attack of pancreatitis which is a new experience for me.  Sure, I've had my intestines, gallbladder, kidneys, and liver fail at times before (not to mention that time when several of those organs plus others all fused together and had to be surgically separated), but the pancreas is a new spot on the bingo card.  For the past month I've dealt with pain, dehydration, malnutrition, and all of the other fun things that come with a issue adjacent to Crohn's Disease.  I've spent most of the time asleep in bed or at my doctor's office being pumped full of fluids, plus I have new medication to take the stress of my ailing pancreas for a while.  There were two weeks there where I didn't even have the strength to play any video games!  That's how you know things are really tough.  I'll be alright in the end and thankfully I've been able to stay out of the hospital this time, but for now I continue to rest and recover and, yes, I'm back to playing again when I feel up to it.  Thanks for your patience while everything has gone dark temporarily here at PTB.  I'll be back as I continue to feel better and can sit at the PC for longer periods.