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Street Fighter V's Balrog Theme Is Right On The Fight Money

BalrogI walked away from Street Fighter V back in 2016 after a few weeks of playing through what little single-player content the game offered, and while there was a solid fighting game at its core, there just wasn't enough to do that kept me engaged.  Now that Capcom has added an actual Arcade Mode that goes above and beyond my expectations, I'm back into the fray and exploring just how much the game has expanded with post-release content over the past two years. 

One aspect that has really captured my attention is the soundtrack, particularly new remixes and rearrangements of my favorite music from Street Fighter II.  Ken, Zangief, Ryu, and Guile all have rocking new tunes scoring their battles, but Shadaloo enforcer and dirty cheat Balrog has to have the absolute best new take on a familiar theme.  Check out his personal theme song and marvel at how it's structured like a flashy, glitzy Las Vegas boxing match.  I can practically envision Balrog making his entrance into the ring and then letting loose with a flurry of punches... then throwing it all away with illegal headbutts.  "You should be grateful you even had a chance to step into the ring with me!"