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Mario and Luigi ornaments

Hallmark is selling a line of Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi ornaments at their stores this year, but at $16 each and with supplies being limited , it may be too much of a challenge for fans to pick them all up.  Luckily, the company has produced two additional Mario and Luigi ornaments at a cheaper price point.  I found these at Target last weekend for $8 each and while the poses are different than the main Hallmark offerings, the paint and sculpt quality is slightly lesser than their $16 brothers.  Still, I bought them because they are Super Mario ornaments and I need to own these kinds of things.  There are also Princess Peach, Toad, Donkey Kong, and Link ornaments from this series out there as well, although I haven't seen them in stores yet.  ThinkGeek is selling them online though.

If you're thinking that the Mario pose if familiar it's because last year ThinkGeek sold a very similar Mario ornament.  The 2016 ThinkGeek model is slightly larger than this new Hallmark model, but they are clearly different ornaments.  Hallmark's design adds some additional details to Mario's overalls, changes the M on his hat, and puts his face more on-model with the modern character design.  See the comparison below.

A tale of two Marios

Obviously for 2018 we need to see Bowser, Wario, and Samus Aran ornaments.  Keep them all coming!  I've wanted more and more Nintendo ornaments for thirty years now so I say bring them all on! I'll figure out a way to afford them all somehow. Say, don't you think this would be a good time to toss a few dollars in the PTB tip jar? No reason...