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Yoshi fallingOne of the advanced tricks a Super Mario World player learns early on is how to dismount from Yoshi in a crucial moment, propelling Mario to safety while the loyal dinosaur plummets to his death.  Now in Super Mario Odyssey, Mario has evolved to not just ride a dinosaur, but become one via his new hat pal Cappy.  To explains for the unfamiliar, Mario can now capture and control creatures he meets on his journey around the world from Goombas to frogs to even large realistically-styled dinosaurs by tossing his magic hat, Cappy, at the helpless target.  He then possesses the target and gains their abilities. 

Over the weekend I took a mighty tyrannosaurus rex for a joyride in the Cascade Kingdom when I landed a little too close to the edge of a cliff and started to fall to my doom.  Suddenly, as an automatic reflex, my old Super Mario World skills raced back to the front of my mind and I performed the 2017 version of the old dismount trick.  Sorry, Rexy.  See you around.

(image via Kenny Valez)