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Pinball FX3 Goes Back To The Future

Back To The FuturePinball FX3 from Zen Studios launched last week and while I've imported all of my old Zen Pinball 2 tables into the new platform, I've been spending most of my FX3 time with the Back To The Future table out of the Universal Classics Pinball pack of tables.  The team at Zen has given me just about everything I wanted from a BTTF table including multiple time periods.  There are six different versions of this one table available, one for each time period from the film trilogy: 1985, 1955, 2015, Biff Tannen's corrupt 1985A, a revisit of 1955 from the sequel, and 1885.  Soundalikes for Doc Brown and Marty McFly call out memorable lines from the film during play and there are multiple multiballs available if you hit the right targets.  Check out a recent run on the table to see it in action.  I still have a ways to go at improving, but I like to think I'm off to a good start.