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Help Blake Grundman Meet His Extra Life Gaming Charity Goal

Extra LifeYour friend and mine, Power Button's own Blake Grundman, is participating in the Extra Life gaming charity event again this year along with our old podcast pals Keri Honea, Ross Polly, and Chris Nitz.  The four of them will be playing video games live on a Twitch stream for twenty-four hours starting October 21, 2017 to help raise money for children in need at hospitals through Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  He's offering giveaways and other fun stuff for donating money.  Why not check out the event and help him meet his goal?

Your participation is key to making this event fun for everyone involved! This is why I have setup two tiers of support that actually have benefits FOR YOU.

For only a $5 contribution you can tell me what to play for a half hour of the marathon. You name it, I'll play it! Want to torture me? Have at it! You will be able to stream my joy or misery firsthand, via Twitch.

For a $10 contribution you can actually get a PC game of your choosing from the list below.

This event is always a fun time.  The last time Blake participated, I made him play my beloved Bionic Commando.  I've already pitched in to help make a difference this year and now I only have to decide which game I want Blake to play during the event.  What do you think, folks?  Aero the Acro-batBubsyPlok?  So many good choices...