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First Wave Of Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite DLC Announced

SigmaWith Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite releasing tomorrow, fans are already hungry to learn when they can spend extra money on additional characters, so Capcom has announced the six new fighters headed into the action later in the year as part of the first $30 expansion bundle.  Here they are long with the company and property they represent:

Sigma (Capcom: Mega Man X)

Black Panther (Marvel: Black Panther)

Monster Hunter (Capcom: Monster Hunter)

Winter Solider (Marvel: Captain America),

Black Widow (Marvel: Avengers)

Venom (Marvel: Spider-Man)

I'm interested in these characters, but am not so sure I want to keep spending more money on a fighting game at this point in my life.  I loved what Injustice 2 had to offer earlier in the summer, but just can't talk myself into a $40 pack of additional characters for it when the base game is already loaded with plenty to do.  Street Fighter V, on the other hand, is much too shallow an experience to justify more spending (lacking an Arcade mode still stings; what would I use extra characters for if I bought them?).  MvCI may land right in the middle of that balance, although I have a major soft spot for Sigma and would probably buy just him alone.

I'll have more to say about MvCI in the coming days and weeks as I forgot that I preordered it a few months ago when Amazon was offering it exceptionally cheap for a few hours, and since it shipped this morning, I may as well go for it.  I loved the other MvC titles and am hoping for the best from this one.  It at least has an Arcade mode!