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Spider-ManThe collaboration between Insomniac Games and Marvel Entertainment continues to develop as Sony debuted new gameplay footage of Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 at the company's E3 media briefing last night.  Coming off as Spider-Man: Arkham City with shades of Uncharted thanks to the takedowns, quicktime events, and seemingly linear story, Spider-Man closed out the show and had everyone hungry for more.  Here's the clip:

I was excited when Marvel announced it was getting back into the gaming business and was teaming with top talent to create the big budget games their characters deserve in addition to the smaller fare.  Licensing characters like Iron Man and Captain America out to any publisher that wanted them to turn a quick shovelware buck did nothing good for anybody in the end.  Actually being a bit choosy about who gets to play in the Marvel sandbox boosts property profiles, will surely make a lot of money for everyone with a financial stake in the games, and ideally leads to the creation of all-time classics that will be fondly remembered for years to come. 

Best of all from a fan perspective, Marvel's gaming licensing is free from the restrictions of its cinematic and television deals, so we get to see Spider-Man and Wilson Fisk interact rather than relegating the former to films and the latter to Netflix's Daredevil series where, despite supposedly existing in the same universe, they can never meet.  Even Miles Morales gets in on the fun, so it's going to be so much fun to play the game and see who else from the Spider-verse appears that we may not expect.  Spider-Man is due out in 2018 and I say that Insomniac should take all the time it needs to get this right.  Polish, polish, polish.  When it comes to games like this, I'm very patient.