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Nintendo Announces New Nintendo 2DS XL

New Nintendo 2DS XLLest you believe that all of Nintendo's attention is on the popular Switch these days, take a minute to react with surprise at the announcement of the New Nintendo 2DS XL, a larger version of the 3D-less 2DS.  Unlike the existing 2DS which is a non-folding two-screened tablet-type device, the New Nintendo 2DS XL takes on the clamshell properties of its 3DS brethren.  You get all that powered-up New 3DS goodness including built-in amiibo reader and C-stick, but without the 3D capability.  Assuming Nintendo manufactures enough of them to meet demand, you'll find it in stores July 28, 2017 for $149.99.

If this is the end of the 3DS/2DS hardware line in favor of the Switch as many people assume it is, this hardware revision looks to be a good way to go out.  If you're in the market for a 3DS XL but aren't a fan of the 3D screens (and the $199.95 MSRP), this could be the system for you.  Why pay $50 more for an extra dimension you aren't going to use? This is also a great upgrade from the regular 3DS and 2DS lines if you're an avid amiibo user. I have a regular New 3DS and that built-in reader is a godsend compared to using my old external amiibo reader for the plain 3DS.  Nintendo is banking on Switch for its future, but the 3DS platform has been great for its present.