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Mario and Yoshi Hallmark ornamentsUPDATE: Because most everything involving Nintendo is sold in limited quantities these days, there is also a Luigi ornament that will be sold only for one weekend in October, so you will probably have to preorder if you want it.

Last July I told you how happy I was to see that Ubisoft and Hallmark had teamed up to produce an Assassin's Creed holiday ornament and went on to hope that other video game publishers would follow suit and create ornaments based on their popular franchises.  I'm very pleased to see that Nintendo has taken my advice, as Hallmark has announced ornaments featuring Mario and Yoshi will be available later this year for $15.95 each.

GameStop has offered Super Mario ornaments in recent years, but they've mostly been simple Christmas tree balls with existing stock character art printed on them.  I've bought them, of course, because that's how much I want official Mario ornaments on my tree.  Last year they sold a Mario figurine that was mostly on-model, more or less.  Now that Hallmark is producing these, I have great expectations for more high quality Super Mario ornaments over the next few years.  Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, and Wario are all waiting their turn in the ornament spotlight.  Meanwhile, without a movie to promote this year, Ubisoft appears to be out of the Hallmark business.  No new Assassin ornament is announced for this year.  The Templars strike again.

(via NintendoWire)