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How To Future-proof Your New Nintendo Switch

Nintendo SwitchSo you just brought home your brand new Nintendo Switch and probably a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  Congratulations!  I know you're ready to play with power, but before you do, you should think about the future.  There are lots of young children who are getting their first taste of Nintendo products today (well, hopefully not literally) who will, in thirty years or so, feel the nostalgic draw of the Switch experience.  When those kids have some disposable income in 2047, they'll be eager to revisit the Switch memories of their youth and will want to buy a used system to recapture the magic.  The used system they buy could be yours, so do yourself and that child a favor and future-proof your Switch for posterity (and to raise the resale value).  It's easy!  Here's how you do it.

  1. Save all of the packaging!  The box, the inserts, the wrappings, everything!  You'll be able to list your Switch on the eBay-of-the-future as COMPLETE IN BOX AAA+++ and really mean it.  Video games that include all of the original packaging always sell for a higher price than just a loose cartridge or console.
  2. The Switch is made to be taken around with you and played at midnight basketball games and rooftop parties, but you can't risk scuffing, scratching, or damaging it.  Never take it out of the house.  Your Switch is an indoor animal from now on.
  3. If you have children of your own, do not let them play the Switch.  Giving it to them now risks breaking it and then they won't be able to appreciate it thirty years from now.
  4. Say, do you take good care of your possessions?  You're not going to accidentally damage the Switch yourself, are you?  Can you be trusted?  Remember what happened to your Nintendo DSi?  Yeah, I thought so.  Perhaps you should just seal the Switch inside one of those acrylic collector cases.  It'll be safer that way.  It's the only way to guarantee the integrity of the system.  Glue it shut.
  5. Come to think about it, leaving your Switch laying around the house is a bad idea if you have kids or pets of your own.  They could knock it over, pounce on it, throw it against the wall, or any other kind of punishing activity while trying to break it out of the acrylic case.  Never leave your Switch lying around! Don't you have a safe?  No, you don't have a safe. Get a safe! Keep the Switch locked up when you're not admiring it.  The combination to the lock should be a secret to everybody (including yourself!).

That should cover things for now.  Join me again in thirty years when it's time to cash out and we'll discuss the criteria for determining who is worthy of buying your Switch on the retro gaming market.  Spoiler: there are background checks involved.  Happy gaming!