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The Many Faces Of Weird Mario

weird Mario

The legend of Super Mario Maker's Weird Mario speaks of a deformed version of Mario that, when powered-up with a Weird Mushroom as opposed to a Super Mushroom, reinterprets his proportions to match that of a real human and augments his jumping ability appropriately.  We don't get to see what Weird Mario would look like riding Yoshi or turned into a Tanooki Suit statue during normal gameplay, but in the game's Edit Mode it's possible to knock on a placed door with the stylus which causes a differently powered-up Weird Mario to answer.  It is in these moments we get a glimpse of Weird Mario wearing such power-ups such as a Frog Suit or a Flying Squirrel Suit.  Supper Mario Broth has collected all of these alternate Weird Mario appearances for your gawking pleasure.  It's rather unsettling, but a necessary step in the ongoing field of Weird Mario research.