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OverClocked ReMix Hands Out Candy Corn

Candy CornFamed video game music remix community OverClocked ReMix has released a new album just in time for, er, next Halloween at this point in the form of Candy Corn, a collection of remixes sourced from Castlevania sequels such as Portrait of Ruin and Symphony of the Night, Chrono Trigger, and Pokémon Red as created by YoshiBlade.  It's more than just music though.  There's a spooky throughline happening here.

So this project is the progeny of those anthology-style movies and TV shows, a la Tales from the Crypt, Creepshow, Tales from the Darkside. In that vein, every track I consider a story leading into the next one, with the radio-style dramas serving as the reset button, the point of mental collection, then starting a new section.

It's a free download and an enjoyable listen, so why not rush the Halloween season for 2017 and check it out?