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Manos: The Hands Of Fate Game Takes Care Of The Place While The Master Is Away

Manos: The Hands of FateBack in 2012 we were teased with an indie game for iOS based on the "classic" film / Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode Manos: The Hands of Fate.  The game has come and gone now and Hardcore Gaming 101 has given us a look at what it ended up becoming and how it fared in the transition from dare to finished product for mobile platformers and PC.  There's even mention of the 2015 upgrade to the game that added a new level and Torgo as a playable character.

The fundamental flaw of Manos is that it mimics an NES knock-off too well. All the issues with unpolished titles of the era are mirrored here: slippery controls, cheap hits, bad enemy placement, and more. The graphics also don't rise above early NES game appeal, nestled into the blocky tilesets from 1986-87 releases. However, the music does an admirable job replicating the film's meager score into 8-bit sound channels. The playthrough is also very short, being over at a runtime quicker than the film it's based on -- which for many is a perk. Difficulty levels are available, but they only increase or decrease the amount of powerups and health packs.

This is one of those games I meant to pick up, but it was lost in the shuffle and the talk of frustrating difficulty and poorly placed elements are a turn off.  Still, I love the idea of turning MST3K films into little indie games and would love to see more games made with that idea in mind.  Give me games based on The Incredible Melting Man, Soultaker, and Mitchell.  The possibilities go on and on!