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$99 New Nintendo 3DS To Be Latest Bundle You Can't Find

New Nintendo 3DSNintendo has a knack for being, oh, let's say... stingy... with its hardware allocations.  If you want to buy one of the New Nintendo 3DS (non-XL) bundles that the company has sporadically released over the past year, you had to hurry because they typically sold out quickly and were not restocked.  Those $150 bundles were popular, but now Nintendo has announced a $99 Black Friday New 3DS bundle that, if history is any lesson, will be available for about thirteen minutes at a handful of retailers, none of which are near you.  $99 is also a record low price for this hardware and it's a Black Friday bundle so, yes, I stand by my belief that while this is a great deal, you'll never find it.  It may as well not exist.  It's pretty though.  Here's some of the press release:

It’s a deal spelled out in black and white: For the first time ever, Nintendo’s popular hand-held New Nintendo 3DS video game system will be offered at a suggested retail price of $99.99. Two special-edition models – one black, one white, both featuring Mushroom Kingdom characters and imagery – will be available starting Nov. 25. This system, along with great software, will appeal to gift-givers and value shoppers alike.

If somehow you can find this bundle and you're in the market for a 3DS, I say snap it up and don't look back.  There's so many amazing 3DS games worth experiencing and the New 3DS makes for a great little Virtual Console machine with titles for the NES, Super NES, and classic Game Boy / Color line.  I'm playing mine so much more since I upgraded to a New model back in August.  If you go hunting for this bundle, I wish you great luck.  You're going to need it.