Power Button - Episode 204: Disney In-finish-ity
Speed Through The History Of F-Zero

Let's Enjoy Animated Video Gaming GIFs From The Simpsons

ThrillhouseThe Simpsons has given us so many classic video game jokes and gags over the years from the days of the humble 8-bit boxing game to the modern Funtendo Zii.  The Frinkiac search engine allows users to created animated GIFs from screengrabs of the first seventeen years of the series combined with text from the subtitle track, so I couldn't resist creating some short animations of my favorite gaming-related scenes.  Enjoy these clips of Sonic the Hedgehog encouraging shoplifting, Dash Dingo saving the Down Underverse, Donkey Kong scratching himself, and the mighty gore of Bonestorm.

Meet Donkey Kong


All Ive done is enter my name

Dash Dingo

Down Underverse

Power wands

Just take it

Tandem Bike Ride With Your Mom

Touch of Death

Video Boxing

Video Boxing 2

Homer joystick

Escape From Grandmas House

Hi Supernintendo Chalmers