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Aiming For A Perfect KO In Street Fighter V

Street Fighter VDespite it being light on content compared to past Street Fighter releases, I've enjoyed learning the basics and new gimmicks in Capcom's recently released Street Fighter V.  Lacking the usual Arcade Mode, I've spent most of my time playing the game's Survival Mode in which the player's lifebar does not automatically replenish between rounds.  That's why when I'm able to perform a perfect knock-out of a CPU-controlled opponent, I capture it for later bragging purposes.  So, let's brag.  Here I am knocking out R. Mika and Laura without taking any damage and finishing both fights with a Critical Art maneuver.  Sure, it's only Survival Mode and I'm just getting started taking on online opponents, but achievements like these make me pretty pleased with myself. I'm not cut out for a proper tournament, but I do alright against friends.