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This Amiibo Was Ness-cessary

I've been looking for a fairly priced Ness amiibo since they were released last year as a limited GameStop exclusive.  I stood in a long, unmoving preorder line at GameStop for nearly two hours before leaving after the retailer's computer system crashed from amiibo preorder overload.  I've passed up on overpriced Nesses offered by amiibo scalpers both online and in person at conventions.  I've had zero luck getting an order submitted to GameStop's website on time in those rare moments when the amiibo was restocked.  Now, at long last, I've acquired a Ness of my own.  I had to import him from Japan through a third-party Amazon seller who was only charging $18, but he's here and I have him. I won because of brains, guts, and togetherness. Wow!  What a rush!