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Rebel Galaxy Review At PlayStation LifeStyle

Rebel GalaxyI'm working on some reviewing of Sony PlayStation products for PlayStation LifeStyle and my first piece for them, a review of the recently released Rebel Galaxy for PlayStation 4, has just been published.  The short version is that the game is heavily channeling Joss Whedon's Firefly but with more emphasis on space travel and less emphasis on being Malcolm Reynolds which is all anyone who would play a Firefly game really wants.  Here's a piece:

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  A transport ship alone in the unending blackness of space deals in doing jobs for people (don’t much care what they are).  Along the way the ship encounters pirates, militias, and traders just looking to go their way (even if their way is through you).  Meanwhile, a western guitar twang belts out on the soundtrack.  Sound familiar?  Rebel Galaxy, last year’s PC title, brings its special mixture of elements from pop culture such as Firefly, Star Wars, and even a little Mass Effect to the PlayStation 4.

Can you catch all of the Firefly reference in the review?  There's quite a few of them!  You can't take my wordplay from me.