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Watch The Compellingly Terrible Back To The Future Part II And III Demand Sacrifice

Back to the Future II and IIIJust to put the capper on yesterday's big Back To The Future day festivities (you listened to the new Power Button episode, right?) let's check in on the Laser Time Shit Show as the brave crew dares to play through the awful Back To The Future Part II And III for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  I've written about this game before where I called it "compellingly terrible" and- well, I'll just quote myself here:

The graphics in this game are some of the worst I've ever seen on the NES. Sprites lack detail and animation, the level colors are drab green and flat, and the music is monotonous and contains piercing beeps from time to time. Somehow the creators also licensed the Huey Lewis and News song "Back in Time" and a poor rendition of it appears in the game. The play control is sloppy and the different sectors all resemble one another, providing no change of pace during the game. Worst of all is that the game lacks a password or save feature, so the entire game must be completed in one sitting if one wants to win.

Now you can see for yourself why this game is simultaneously horrible and fascinating.  Godspeed, Laser Time crew, and thanks for the shout out to PTB during the show.  The Internet will never forget your sacrifice.