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Super Mario Maker's Worst Kaizo Has Nothing On This Level

I've seen some terrible levels created by the community in Super Mario Maker that abuse invisible item blocks, flood the screen with an unbeatable wall of enemies, and require tricky precision jumps.  I've seen springboards that demand perfection.  I've even seen a stack of Bowsers advancing towards me with nary a power-up in sight.  However, nothing that I've seen in Super Mario Maker approaches the level of contempt and hatred for the player that this Super Mario World hack entitled Item Abuse 3 commands.  Watch as for eight minutes Mario endures impossible jumps, Muncher hordes, underwater hell, chocolate lava pain, and P-switch madness.  To complete Item Abuse 3 demands skills beyond what a human possesses; this performance was a tool-assisted run that makes use of every game engine quirk, glitch, and secret trick that the original game had to offer.  If Bowser ever wants to really stop Mario in his tracks, he'd hire hack creator PangaeaPanga to design his next castle.

(via Reddit)