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E-13 Chill Cavern

Once upon a time in the distant past of 2002, Nintendo released an odd accessory for the Game Boy Advance called the e-Reader that allowed players to scan special cards into the device in order to unlock extra features in certain games.  One of those games was the GBA remake of Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Advance 4, and those special cards brought new GBA-exclusive levels into the game under the collective hub known as World-e.  Unfortunately, due to the expense of the e-Reader and the scarcity of the cards, many Mario fans have never played these lost levels.  The Internet's unending cadre of Nintendo fans have found ways to keep these levels alive over the years through emulation, but now there's an easier way to bring World-e to the masses: Super Mario Maker.  There's a list of course ID numbers over at Reddit for twenty-five e-Reader levels recreated in Nintendo's Super Mario course creator.

E-1 Wild Ride in the Sky: 2B4B 0000 007B 5343

E-3 Bomb Volley: FE1E 0000 007B 53BC

E-4 Pipes O'Plenty: F5F3 0000 007B 546E

E-5 Bombarded by Bob-Ombs: 1209 0000 007B 559D

E-6 Magical Note Blocks: 4388 0000 007B 5682

E-7 The Ol' Switcheroo: 8F1F 0000 007B C071

E-8 Piped Full of Piranhas: 6078 0000 007B E3D8

E-9 Swinging Bars of Doom: 7742 0000 007D F093

E-10 Para Beetle Challenge: 656C 0000 007E 1CC9

E-11 Magical Note Blocks 2: B3DB 0000 0080 4E1C

E-12 Airship 1: 660E 0000 0081 0A27

E-13 Chill Cavern: A8C9 0000 0081 33FA

E-16 Castle a Go-Go: BC9E 0000 0082 FFF5

E-17 Frappe Snowland: 3245 0000 0083 25D7

E-18 Frozen Fortress: A403 0000 0084 0A35

E-19 Brick Maze: 2967 0000 0085 E914

E-21 60 Seconds: 3A6B 0000 0087 5003

E-22 Ropeland: 81A6 0000 0087 E28E

E-24 Clear Skies: B111 0000 0084 2101

E-25 Koopahari Cavern: 637A 0000 008A CB63

E-26 Aqua Bars of Doom: 3305 0000 008B 706A

E-27 The Gauntlet: EF71 0000 008C BC39

E-28 Hammer Bro. Ship: 240D 0000 008E C639

E-29 Bowser's Airship - Part 1: 1E56 0000 008F 0485

E-30 Bowser's Airship - Part 2: FFD8 0000 008F 9487

Not everything in World-e is properly represented in Super Mario Maker as some of the required elements are unavailable (such as Super Mario Bros. 2's vegetables), but this is as close to things as we're going to get for now.  I love when the fan community just won't let go of something like World-e and does whatever it can to spread the word about it.  I'd always hoped that Nintendo would integrate the World-e levels into a Virtual Console release of Super Mario Advance 4, but since that isn't happening, bringing the levels to life in Super Mario Maker is the next best thing.